In elementary school as part of home science, we had to knit. I was terrible and the baby booties I made fit my feet! The teacher wrote in her comments “Trudy Ann has tried!” I ended up getting my Auntie to complete my project so I could pass the class.

Years later, I started learning to crochet to destress from my day. Soon this became addicting with my crochet needles and yarn travelling with me.

Lots has changed for me and I sure love my arts and crafts. During the pandemic, I tried to find ways I could give friends creative home made gifts as I love doing DIY projects. Baby gifts have always been a favourite to make and I started whipping up more booties & hats than I could gift.

Baby Om was the result!

I use Peruvian wool for the hats and booties. I love playing with colours and as a result you will find a colourful array of choices. I am from India and we are a land of colour, from our saris to the bangles that adorn our hands.

I am also the owner and founder of Trudy Ann’s Chai & Spices and may I suggest I have a wide array of caffeine free teas that would be a perfect gift for any new mom. The Soothing Tummy tea being the top favourite. 

Enjoy my selections. Shop here. Feel free to email me for custom orders or to say hello!

My peace to you.

Trudy Ann

Vancouver, British Columbia.